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Find CFIA Registered Products at GreenPlanet Wholesale

Blog updated on May 30th, 2022

Good news – some of your favourite products are now registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Perfect for licensed producers, retailers, and micro cultivators, CFIA registered products are verified, tested, and controlled against the standards in Canada’s Fertilizer Act. Ranging from microbial inoculants to simple nutrient supplements, the CFIA quality assures a wide variety of fertilizers used in the production of commercial crops. GreenPlanet Wholesale is proud to announce the availability of a catalogue of products with CFIA registration. Follow the passages below for more information on the importance of CFIA registration, and browse the registered products available at GreenPlanet Wholesale. 

What is the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)?

All fertilizers and supplements sold or imported into Canada are regulated under the federal Fertilizers Act. In order to be legally bought and sold, fertilizers must be safe with respect to plant, animal, human health, and the environment, and properly labeled to ensure safe and appropriate use. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) manages the pre-market assessment of nutrient supplements that require registration in Canada. In short, the CFIA ensures that fertilizers are safe and verified against prescribed standards before they are released for sale in the Canadian marketplace. 

Why is CFIA Registration Important?

Through the registration process, the CFIA administers a number of quality assurance measures that are designed to safeguard our food supply, protect the health of animals and plants and enhance the well-being of Canada’s people, environment, and economy. Below is a general overview of the importance of CFIA registration and regulation: 

  • Product Safety Assurance – The CFIA requires that all regulated fertilizer and supplement products be safe for humans, plants, animals, and the environment. They must also be properly labelled to enable safe and appropriate use. 
  • Science-based Assessment – The CFIA’s pre-market assessment consists of a detailed, science-based evaluation of product safety information and labelling. To assess a product, the Agency requires supporting information, which varies in scope depending on the nature of the product. The basic supporting information includes the product label, the manufacturing method, and a complete list of ingredients and source materials.
  • Label Verification – All products submitted to the CFIA for registration or approval undergo a thorough label verification to ensure that displayed information complies with the standards prescribed by the CFIA. Evaluators verify that requisite information such as the guaranteed analysis, directions for use, manufacturer contact information, and mandatory cautionary statements, correctly appear and are clearly legible on the label
CFIA administers quality assurance measures to safeguard our food supply and protect the health of animals and plants.

CFIA Registered Products at GreenPlanet Wholesale 

As mentioned above, CFIA registration is an extremely important process that ensures product safety, efficacy, and label verification; it safeguards our food supply, protects agricultural, forestry, wildlife, and consumers. Clients using CFIA registered products can be assured that the ingredients used to manufacture nutrient supplements are tested against rigorous assessment standards. Browse the list below to find the CFIA registered nutrient products available at GreenPlanet Wholesale.

Registered Products List

GreenPlanet Nutrients

Company NameRegistration Number Product Name
H.I.T Manufacturing2021932APLANT GUARD 0-0-2
H.I.T Manufacturing2021906AGPF UPTAKE 0-1-1
H.I.T Manufacturing2021905ALIQUID WEIGHT
H.I.T Manufacturing2021904AVITATHRIVE 0-0-1
H.I.T Manufacturing2021903AMASSIVE 1-2-3
H.I.T Manufacturing2021902AGPH UPTAKE 0-0-1
H.I.T Manufacturing2019125AROOT BUILDER

Fish Head Farms

Company Name Registration Number Product Name
Fish Head Farms 2021972AFISH SH!T

Good Green Earth

Company Name Registration Number Product Name
Good Green Earth 2019115ABOKASHI PRO-GRO

Power Si

Company Name Registration Number Product Name
Power Si2022727APOWER Si BLOOM

Xtreme Gardening

Company Name Registration Number Product Name
Xtreme Gardening2022741AXtreme Gardening AZOS
Xtreme Gardening2022742AXtreme Gardening MYKOS


Company Name Registration Number Product Name

Exempt Nutrient Products from GreenPlanet Nutrients

Determining the regulatory status of a product under the Fertilizers Act largely depends on how the product is represented in the marketplace. This includes nutrient sources, guarantees, and/or product grades. All fertilizers and supplements imported into or sold in Canada require registration unless they meet one or more of the following exemptions. A fertilizer is exempt from registration if it does not contain a living substance or organism, a pesticide, or a supplement or micronutrient that is not registered with the CFIA. Here’s a list of exempt nutrient products from GreenPlanet Nutrients:

Other Exempt Product

A wide range of products at GreenPlanet Wholesale now have Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) certification! For questions, purchasing, or for more information on CFIA registration, contact one of our GreenPlanet sales representatives directly. 

CFIA Registered and Exempt Products

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