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shipping claims procedures

To Our Customers:

At Green Planet we strive to provide our customers with the best products and service possible. Our team and partners work hard to ensure that your purchases arrive at their destination in peak condition.  On occasion though, issues in transit can unfortunately occur.  In the event that issues with shipping do take place, we request that you note the following procedures in order to provide us with the most accurate and comprehensive information.
  1. Visible or noted loss or damages – Customers are required to do a complete inspection of the shipment for any damages at the time of arrival. Ensure the number of pallets or cartons delivered is correct.  All noticeable damage claims as a result of the shipping process must be reported within 48 hours of acceptance of delivery. Any damage claims received after the 48 hour window will not be accepted and will be the responsibility of the customer.  Please inspect your shipment upon arrival in order to note any potential issues on both yours and the delivery agent’s Bill Of Lading (BOL) prior to the agent leaving your site, if at all possible.
  2. Concealed Loss or damage claims – Concealed loss or damage refers to any damage which was not apparent at the time of delivery.  If any issues are noticed within your order after delivery, please bring it to the attention of a Green Planet representative within 72 hours of receiving the shipment.  If issues were unable to be noted on the BOL at the time of delivery, reporting the issue to us within this timeframe greatly assists us in our claims process.  Claim requests made after 72 hours from delivery may be limited in their ability to be approved by the carrier.
  3. Shortage claims – If possible, make a written tally record when a large number of items are being received or the shipment consists of a number of different items.  At time of delivery, please check the labels on all handling units to be certain they are yours and check for shortages as goods are being unloaded. Be sure to keep the shipment together until unloading is complete, in case a recount is necessary.  If there is a shortage, please note it on the delivery receipt before signing for the shipment.
  4. For all cases described above, please take multiple photos of the shipment to clearly show what issues have occurred. Photos of the exterior of the packaging, how the contents of the package looked upon receiving, and pictures of the product itself as received greatly improve our ability to convey the issue to those we are making a claim with.  If you were able to note damages on the delivery agent’s copy, photos of the signed BOL with notations are also appreciated.  Keep all packing materials in the condition upon arrival.  DO NOT DISPOSE OF OR DESTROY THE PACKAGING until advised by a GreenPlanet Wholesale representative.  This will be needed as often inspections are conducted by the carrier.  Without all the packaging, the carrier might determine the cause of damage was insufficient packaging and the claim will be denied.
  5. If damages are noted, please hold all damaged goods (including packaging) in the event they are required for the claim.  Should they not be required for the claim to be approved, a GreenPlanet Wholesale representative will advise.
  6. For all claims, please contact your sales representative or email info@mygreenplanet.com.  If the claim is found applicable, a GreenPlanet Customer Claims form will be provided to you wherein you can provide more details and submit photos for claims purposes.

Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage, 

The GreenPlanet Wholesale Claims Department

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