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ThinkGrow LED Model-H Plus

The ThinkGrow LED Model-H Plus is a true 5’x4′ fixture specially designed to cover 5′ wide grow racks. Includes UV, White, and Red channels.


A true 5’x4′ fixture specially designed to cover 5′ wide grow racks. Upgraded power to 720watts and 1048 more diodes than the original Model-H results a 35% PPFD increase in performance. Ultimate control on 4 adjustable spectrum channels including UV, White, Deep Red and Far Red channels.

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ThinkGrow LED


These are the steps you need to take for warranty issues

  1.  All customers (end users) must submit a request and contact Trolmaster support at www.trolmaster.com/News/Warranty?class=Support to troubleshoot and validate.
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* ThinkGrow & Trolmaster are owned by the same umbrella company. Thus the claims and process will be the same.

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