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Vidawool Grow HC Slab Wide - 3" x 8" x 36" (16/Cs) Case of 16

VidaWool™ slabs feature pre-cut areas for precise, efficient block placement — no cutting or guesswork required — and the process is repeatable for consistent results.



VidaWool™ slabs feature pre-cut areas for precise, efficient block placement — no cutting or guesswork required — and the process is repeatable for consistent results. Like all the components in the VidaWool™ system, VidaWool™ slabs use Hydro-Xtend™ water dispersion technology to ensure even distribution of water and nutrients during the final stages of growth.

HC Slabs provide sturdy support for the remainder of the production cycle, giving your plants ample room to flourish. Plant spacing and placement are critical at this stage, when crowding can result in less-than-optimal crop development. VidaWool™ slabs make it simple to quickly and accurately transplant blocks and keep plants developing all the way to harvest while minimizing the time and effort spent setting up the room.

VidaWool™ slabs are ideal for cultivation enterprises looking for reliable, repeatable, and efficient growing media solutions that help them produce consistent results throughout the growing process. VidaWool™ starter plugs, blocks, and slabs are designed to work as a system, for a more confident transplantation process that reduces error and protects plants to optimize their growth and your productivity.

VidaWool slabs feature optional pre-cut liners for rapid and uniform block placement. Every second counts in today’s tight labor market. Other growing media require labor-intensive cutting or scoring before blocks can be placed, which can lead to uneven spacing, plant crowding and an unsightly appearance.

VidaWool with Hydro-Xtend Block Placement

Optional pre-cut slabs for easy, fast, repeatable placement.
Lack of placement guides require additional labor and can lead to plant crowding and an unsightly appearance..
Other rock wool growing media

Loose gaps in packaging affect moisture retention contributing to uneven water distribution.
Water and nutrients can drain to gaps away from root zone.

Note: This product will be SOLD IN CASES OF 16 ONLY.



Producing consistent, high-yielding harvests, grow after grow, is the essence of a successful growing operation. VidaWool™ brings more than a half-century of mineral wool and rock wool research and innovation to the horticulture sector.

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Brand VidaWool
Weight (lb.) 320
Prop 65 No
Length (in.) 48
Width (in.) 40
Height (in.) 92
Lead Time This product ships in 1-2 Business Days
Grow Media Rockwool
OMRI Certified No
Select Rockwool Type HC Wide Slab w/Hole, 3″ x 8″ x 36″, Case of 12 – Pallet of 16 Cases

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