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Mushroom Cultivation 101

With the help of Sporeo Supply, mushroom cultivation has officially become easier. Sporeo provides two products to help mushroom growers with the challenging task of cultivation: sterilized grain and substrate. Their sterilized grain is used in the early stages of inoculation. Once the cultures have consolidated into a uniform brick of mycelium, growers can mix the sterilized grain with Sporeo’s field-ready substrate. Whether you’re a new or seasoned mushroom cultivator, Sporeo products can drastically improve the output of your garden. To learn more about using Sporeo supply’s line of mushroom cultivation products, read the passages below for tips and step-by-step instructions. 

Mushroom Cultivation 101

Below are the steps needed to complete your mushroom growing endeavours

  1. Sterilize Equipment and Workspace
  2. Inoculate Grain Bag with Mushroom Cultures
  3. Mix Inoculated Grain with Sterilized Substrate
  4. The Fruiting Stage
  5. Harvest Your Mushroom

Step #1: Sterilize Equipment and Workspace

Start by sterilizing your cultivation equipment and workspace. This may include, but is not limited to any tools you might use and any working surface your mushroom cultivation gear will touch. Isopropyl alcohol is one of the most common disinfectants used during this process. Also, wear disposable gloves whenever possible to avoid contamination.

Step #2: Inoculate Grain Bag with Mushroom Cultures

First, flame sterilize your culture-filled needle. Then, inject the cultures through the filter patch in Sporeo’s Grain bag. This will begin the first step in mushroom cultivation called the incubation period. During this 2 week period, your grain bag will consolidate with white cultures called mycelium. For the best results, keep your inoculated grain spawn bag in a dark environment with a temperature range between 21-24C (70-75F). 

Step #3: Mix Inoculated Grain with Sterilized Substrate 

Obtain a mushroom mono tub, clean it, and fill it with Sporeo’s field-ready substrate. Then, mix your fully consolidated grain spawn with the substrate. Sporeo’s substrate is pre-pasteurized, clean, and field-ready. This means the mushroom substrate requires no additional work – it’s completely sterile and contains the ideal amount of moisture. After mixing the grain spawn with the substrate, place the lid on the mono tub and allow consolidation and condensation to continue. Full consolidation of mycelium through the medium will likely take up to two weeks. 

Step #4: The Fruiting Stage

Air exchange, filtered light, and humidity change are paramount in this stage. Once your medium is completely consolidated with white mycelium, increase the fresh air exchange (FAE) of your growing chamber. Pins will start to form around 1-4 weeks after your medium has been consolidated. This varying time frame mostly depends on the cultivar and the environmental conditions of the substrate. Pins will very quickly turn into noticeable mushroom fruit bodies after appearing. In ideal conditions, fruit bodies can double in size every 24 hours. Be careful not to disturb fruiting mushroom bodies during this 1-4 week period. 

Step #5: Harvest Your Mushrooms

Harvest time can vary slightly from strain to strain. However, it’s a general rule to harvest your crop as soon as the mushroom veil breaks. The veil is a thin membrane covering the underside of the cap and the stalk of the mushroom. Once broken, mature mushrooms will release spores that propagate new mushrooms in the surrounding area. In a sense, mushrooms spread spores like most other plants spread seed. However, it’s ideal to harvest mushrooms before they drop their spores. So, harvest your mushrooms as soon as you see a break in the veil membrane. Finally, pick your mushrooms, dry them, or enjoy them fresh!

Sporeo Grain Spawn 

Made with 100% Canadian Rye Berry Grain 

Sporeo’s Grain Spawn bags are fully sterilized, sealed, and lab-tested mushroom grain made from 100% organic rye berries. The sterilized grain comes sealed in a filter patch bag designed solely for the incubation process. Here are some of the other unique features of Sporeo’s Grain Spawn bags: 

  • Free from additives & chemicals
  • Free of contaminants
  • Ready to inoculate
  • Robust mycelium
  • Massive yields + quick colonization

Sporeo Substrate 

Cow Manure Base, Blended with Coco Coir, Perlite, and Vermiculite 

This sterilized, field-ready substrate is designed to be mixed with a fully consolidated grain bag after the incubation period. Blended with cow manure, coco coir, perlite, and vermiculite, Sporeo’s substrate is shelf-stable, ready-to-use, and fully sterilized. Also, Sporeo’s unique manufacturing process leaves its substrate with the perfect amount of field-ready moisture. Here are some other features of Sporeo’s Substrate bag: 

  • Free from additives & chemicals
  • Pre-saturated
  • Fully sterile 
  • Unique blend of ingredients
  • Time and labor-saving 

The Sporeo product line is now available at GreenPlanet Wholesale! Sporeo’s rigorous standards and quality assurance measures make their line of products revolutionary in the mushroom cultivation industry. For questions, purchasing inquiries, or for more information about Sporeo’s line of mushroom cultivation equipment, contact Sporeo directly, or reach out to one of our GreenPlanet sales representatives. 

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