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Fish Sh!t: The Organic Supplement Proven to Increase Terpene and Cannabinoid Content

Welcome to the Sh!t show – that is, a show about the latest and most innovative microbial supplement on the market. Well, not really a show, but more of a brief overview about the benefits, certifications, and science behind Fish Sh!t, a robust, organic, and hyper-concentrated root inoculant manufactured by Rhode Island’s Fish Head Farms. Fish Sh!t is quickly becoming Canada’s favorite beneficial bacteria. It offers growers increased crop performance, reliable output, and enhanced flavors, aromas, and appeal. But even more exciting, Fish Sh!t is an OMRI-listed organic product ready for sale in Canada following its recent CFIA registration. Read the passages below to learn more about the benefits of Fish Sh!t

What is Fish Sh!t? 

Fish Sh!t is a unique and complex blend of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Formulated by providing tilapia with a nutritious blend of fodder, Fish Head Farm’s flagship product contains 4,000 different and identifiable species of bacteria. Even more impressive, every dose of Fish Sh!t provides plants with billions of microbes, healthy fungi, and protozoa. In short, the manufacturing process makes Fish Sh!t closer to a natural ecosystem than anything you’ll find on the market

Fish Head Farm’s flagship product contains 4,000 different and identifiable species of bacteria.

Fish Sh!t: Benefits, Certifications and FAQs 

Increased Yield 

Enhanced Aroma

Greater Uptake

Adding Fish Sh!t to your regular feeding routine can increase yields by up to 30%. Be sure to expect bigger flowers at harvest time. 

The availability of fluids, nutrients, and bacteria has been shown to enhance cannabis terpene quality by 10-30% on average. 

The beneficial properties of Fish Sh!t can help to break down heavy salts leading to an increase in cumulative nutrient uptake.


OMRI Listed For Organic Use 

Fish Sh!t is easily one of the cleanest sources of beneficial bacteria available on the market. Tested and certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), the ingredients in the formula for Fish Sh!t have been certified against industry standards for the production of organic fertilizer. 

But why is this important? Well, growers can expect specific standards when using an OMRI-listed product. For example, buying an organic supplement with OMRI’s seal of approval ensures consistent, organic ingredients, ethical manufacturing, and quality assurance controls.

Tested and certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)

CFIA Registration 

Fish Sh!t is now registered in Canada with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which makes it certified for distribution and for use in commercial settings. All fertilizers and supplements sold or imported into Canada are regulated under the federal Fertilizers Act. In order to be legally bought, sold, and used in commercial agriculture, fertilizers must be safe with respect to plant, animal, human health, and the environment, and properly labeled to ensure safe and appropriate use. 

Fish Head Farm’s CFIA Registration Information

Company Name Registration Number Product Name
Fish Head Farms 2021972AFISH SH!T

FAQs and More 

Product Questions

No, Fish Sh!t will not affect your flower test. Please contact GreenPlanet or Fish Sh!t for more details

My Sh!t doesn’t stink. Is it still good? 

Fish Sh!t works regardless of its odor. The smell does not correlate to the effectiveness of the product. Batches have a range of smells but are all tested at our facility prior to being released into the market.

Fish Sh!t is “alive inside”. The microbes need a vented top to accommodate the living ecosystem within the bottle.

Fish Sh!t has a minimum shelf life of 24 months from the date of packaging. Fish Head Farms continues to run stability testing on their product to ensure a consistent, reliable product.

Fish Sh!t is NOT a fertilizer and contains no available Nitrogen, Potassium, or Phosphorus.

No. Fish Sh!t is composted fish manure that is produced utilizing a proprietary process.

Usage Questions

Fish Sh!t works symbiotically and is compatible with all mediums.

Yes. Fish Sh!t will further enhance both the efficiency and effectiveness of living soil and nutrients. 

Yes. Fish Sh!t works very well in all teas and brews and should be added to the end of the brew cycle.

At this point, we do not recommend Fish Sh!t as a foliar spray. It is tested and proven to work as a soil drench.

Dosage Questions

Fish Sh!t is literally a living ecosystem and can be used from seed to flush or at any point in the growing process.

A typical enrichment of  Fish Sh!t comes in at 1mL per gallon of water; but to provide a more aggressive dose, for example, while transplanting, or during vegetative growth, Fish Sh!t is recommended to be used at 6mL per gallon for the first feeding, and 3-6 mL every feeding thereafter. 

Fish Sh!t use is recommended every time you water/feed your plants.

Increase your yields today with Fish Sh!t

Fish Sh!t is now available at GreenPlanet Wholesale! To experience nature’s most natural and effective substance, contact your GreenPlanet representative for sales, samples, or product information. 

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