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Find Spring Pots Today at GreenPlanet Wholesale

Expert growers understand the benefits of growing in fabric pots. Plants grow faster, more vigorously, and produce thicker stalks, branches, and heavier flowers. But as beneficial as fabric containers can be, working with them can often be a headache – transplanting, transportation, and irrigation cycles can all be potentially harmful to plants in flimsy, unsupported fabric pots. However, as manufacturers of some of the industry’s best fabric containers, Spring Pot has revolutionized the way we use fabric containers in the garden. 

Growing in fabric pots benefits plants to grow faster, more vigorously, and produce thicker stalks

Spring Pots are now available at GreenPlanet Wholesale! Read the passages below to learn more about the latest addition to our catalogue of products:

Why Grow in Fabric Pots?

Fabric containers naturally “air prune” the roots of growing plants. As most growers know, roots need abundant oxygen to thrive. In fabric pots, oxygen flows through the container from all sides. So, when roots reach the container boundary, they sense optimum moisture and oxygen levels. This leads the roots to split and grow secondary root tips, instead of circling the container in search of excess moisture and fertilizer. 

Fabric containers can increase root zone nutrient absorption

Fabric containers can also increase root zone nutrient absorption and moisture permeation. Fabric pots are permeable, meaning that water and air can pass into and out of the container. When water enters from the top, it permeates the soil and transpires from the sides of the pot. Excess water that reaches the bottom flows through the fabric and exits the vessel. This prevents excess moisture from building up in the container. Because of these benefits, crops can perform in both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth with increased success, growing thicker stalks, bigger branches, and heavier flowers. 

The Benefits of the Spring Pot Burner Line

What makes Spring Pots so special? Spring Pots are extremely tough, rigid, and durable, making them the perfect tool for growers looking to benefit from fabric containers. Spring Pot’s are also the only brand of fabric pot on the market manufactured with proprietary fabric and folding, rather than an interwoven skeletal support system. This makes Spring Pots extremely rigid, even when empty. Here are some of the other unique features of Spring Pots available at GreenPlanet Wholesale: 

  • Reinforced Stitched Upper Rim: Burner Spring Pots are reinforced at the rim with extra stitching. This allows the pot to stay firmly upright during heavy irrigations. 
  • Colour Coded Stitching: Spring Pots are colour coded with unique stitching. This makes each pot’s size and variation easier to distinguish. 
  • Pathogen Protected Packaging: All orders are manufactured and shipped inside vacuum-sealed, pathogen-protected packaging.
  • Standard Handles on 5 gallon and above: Spring Pots sizes 5 gallon and above all come standard with carrying handles. 
  • BPA Free and Heavy Metal-Free: You can trust that your consumable harvests will be free from any unhealthy contaminants that could harm your customers or loved ones.

Spring Pots are Now Available at GreenPlanet Wholesale 

Want to grow in Spring Pots? GreenPlanet Wholesale now has select sizes of Spring Pots Burner Line available for purchase. This line comes with the benefits listed above, like colour-coded, reinforced stitching, vacuum-sealed packaging, and transportation handles. Also, all Spring Pots are manufactured with heavy metal-free, environmentally friendly materials. So, talk to your GreenPlanet representative today about purchasing inquires or for more information about Spring Pots!  

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