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Products that Enhance Flowers During the Late-Stage and Flushing Period

Here’s a common question: how can I get the most out of my crop? The answer, however, isn’t so simple. To get the highest quality outcome, growers need to have an array of variables under control. Clearly, to obtain high yields while maintaining quality, genetic characteristics are by far the most important factor to consider. Environmental controls, growing systems, skills and preferences are also high on the list in a well-functioning garden. 

Once these controls are managed, only then should growers begin to experiment with a wide variety of nutrient supplements and fertilizers. While not as crucial as genetic quality, plant food does play an immensely important role in producing valuable and consistent crops. Throughout all stages of plant growth, crops need adequate and stable nutrition to reach their full potential. However, even the most experienced growers often overlook additives and supplements specifically formulated for amplifying late-stage and flushing flowers. Want to get the most out of your crop? Read the following passages on products that enhance late-stage and flushing flowers. 

The Late-Stage Flower and Flushing Period 

Depending on your strain, the “late-stage” and “flushing” periods of growth can be defined as anywhere from 2-3 weeks before harvest. In late-stage flower, around the 5th or 6th week of the flower cycle, nitrogen content has been significantly reduced from the feeding schedule, plants will have begun to exhibit their final shape and size, and the terpene profile, scents, aromas and flavours that are developed during the flowering period, will begin to drastically increase. The flushing period, however, as the name suggests, is responsible for flushing the plant’s system of any unwanted and hard to dissolve salts and usually spans the last 10-14 days before harvest. While the goal of these periods remains different, the ultimate objective of both the late-flowering and flushing period is to enhance the natural characteristics of your crop. 

Sourced from, Here is a cannabis plant in week 6 of flower, just before flushing.

Let’s look at some of the products that can exaggerate a crop’s size, terpene profile and trichome density in the final stages of flower. 

GreenPlanet Nutrients


Bring fire to your crop with GreenPlanet’s trichome, flavour and aroma enhancer. Formulated with trace amounts of molybdenum and vitamin B1, Rezin can be used in both the flowering and flushing periods of growth to boost essential oil, trichome and resin content. Rezin contains no plant growth regulators (PGR’s), artificial colouring or dyes. And, since it contains only trace amounts of minerals, Rezin will not impact the EC/PPM of your nutrient solution, meaning it can be used right up until harvest.

Liquid Weight 

Plants use an amazing amount of energy converting fertilizer into energy. They also rely on microbes, or beneficial bacteria to speed up the processes of elemental conversion. These bacteria feed on an array of sugary, carbohydrates to maintain colonies of microbes in all stages of plant growth. For a consistent supply of carbohydrates, try GreenPlanet’s Liquid Weight. Designed specifically as a microbe food, Liquid Weight contains carbs from three natural sources of sugar: molasses, agave and cane sugar. And, being that Liquid Weight contains no sources of chemical salts, it can be used to reinvigorate microbes until the final days before harvest. 

General Hydroponics 

Flora Kleen  

Need to speed up the flushing process? No problem. Growers use General Hydroponics’ Flora Kleen to remove fertilizer residue that can accumulate in hydroponic systems, growing media and potting soils over time. Perfect as a monthly maintenance supplement for hydroponic systems, Flora Kleen releases the nutrient bond between plant and system, making it the ideal maintenance additive during the flushing process. So, if you find yourself having to harvest a few days ahead of schedule, rely on Flora Kleen to flush your plant of any harsh and hard to dissolve salts.

Flora Nectar Fruit-N-Fusion 

Growing plants, especially during flower, rapidly convert sunlight, water and minerals into sugars. General Hydroponics Flora Nectar Fruit-n-Fusion has been formulated with a combination of minerals, natural sugars and flavour enhancers to encourage the greatest transference of sweetness and aroma into your fruits and flowers. The unique elemental combination of Flora Nectar allows your plants to achieve a balance between respiration and photosynthesis in high-intensity growing environments where the rate of respiration can sometimes exceed the rate of photosynthesis. To help your plants reach their highest potential during late-stage flower, consider pumping them full of General Hydroponics’ Flora Nectar.



Coming in multiple scents, including citrus, raw, berry and grape, Botanicare’s Sweet formula contains a unique combination of all-natural minerals, vital compounds and essential elements directly involved in plant photosynthesis and respiration. Use any Sweet additive during the late-stage and flushing period to assist your crop in producing profound flavours and aromas. Or, prime your plants with Sweet during the transition stage of growth to ease the stress caused by photoperiod change. 

Fish Head Farms 

Fish Sh!t Organic Soil Conditioner 

Fish Sh!t helps release essential oils and terpenes which contribute to the building of a myriad of flavonoids. Flavonoids play a key role in the development of the most potent aromas and tasteful flavours of a plant and its fruit. Fish Sh!t is hyper-concentrated and can be used throughout all stages of the plant life cycle, even helping to break down heavy salts left by synthetic fertilizers in the weeks before harvest. Use Fish Sh!t to increase yield, flavour and cannabinoid content during the later stages and flushing periods of flower.

Want to get the most out of your garden? Try one or more of the products listed above. For more information on the late-stage and flushing fertilizers mentioned in this article, contact your GreenPlanet representative directly, or your local garden supply store. 

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