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Everything You Need to Know About Power Si Original

Power Si Original is quickly becoming Canada’s most exciting nutrient supplement. Proven to facilitate fast, visible effects, Power Si Original has a place in the feeding regiment of any garden, regardless of size, scale, or complexity. Proven to illicit thicker stalks, stems, and branches, Power Si is a must-have for new and experienced growers. For more information, read the passages below for everything you need to know about Power Si Original. 

What is Power Si Original? 

Power Si Original is the original patented form of stabilized, bioavailable silicic acid specifically designed for high production crops. Proven to build stronger cell walls, thicker stems, and more robust plants, Power Si Orginal utilizes high-quality sources of monosilicic acid to aid in nutrient uptake and fluid retention. Furthermore, Power Si does not impact the pH of pre-mixed solutions. So, this allows growers to seamlessly integrate this product into their established feeding routines. Read on to learn more about these unique aspects of one of GreenPlanet Wholesale’s most exciting products. 

More About Monosilicic Acid

Silicon (Si) is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. However, only a small portion of the silicon element, known as monosilicic acid (also known as orthosilicic acid), can be absorbed by plants. In recent studies, monosilicic acid shows a remarkable effect on the uptake of other nutrients. And unlike other silicate supplements, products containing monosilicic acids have an accelerated uptake. For example, Power Si is the only monosilicic acid supplement on the market that allows for the quick and easy absorption of silica within the first 24 hours after application. In short, supplying your plants with a source of monosilicic acid is easily the most effective way to deliver the optimal benefits of silicon.

Monosilicic acid (also known as orthosilicic acid), can be absorbed by plants.

The Benefits of Power Si Original 

Monosilicic acid helps build stronger cell walls. The result? Stronger, faster-growing plants that are more resistant to environmental stressors. Power Si also corrects and reduces the space between internodes, increases fluid and nutrient uptake, and improves the overall quality of a crop.

Here are some of the expected benefits of using Power Si:

  • Improves Nutrient Absorption
  • Increases Resistance to Stressors
  • Improves the Germination Process 
  • Does Not Affect pH 
  • Fully Compatible 
  • Improves Quality 

Power Si Original is CFIA Registered

 Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) registration is an extremely important process that ensures product safety, efficacy, and label verification; it safeguards our food supply, protects agricultural, forestry, wildlife, and consumers. Clients using CFIA registered products can be assured that the ingredients used to manufacture nutrient supplements are tested against rigorous assessment standards. Cultivators of any scale can rest easy knowing that Power Si Original meets CFIA’s rigorous requirements.

Updated March 9th, 2022: We are excited to announce that Power Si Bloom has received registration with the CFIA. Growers can add the entire Power Si lineup to their garden with the confidence of CFIA Registration.

Company Name Registration Number Product Name
Power Si2022727APOWER Si BLOOM

Easily Integrate Power Si Original Into Any Feed Program 

Power Si is fully compatible with any and all nutrient products on the market. So, feel free to add Power Si to your normal regimen. In fact, it optimizes the effects of all other nutrients by acting as a transporter for other elements. Think of it as a vehicle to help pull necessary elements and nutrients up through the root system and into the plant cell walls. This evidently increases general plant strength and stimulates immune responses. 

Optimizes the effects of all other nutrients by acting as a transporter for other elements.

Now Available at GreenPlanet Wholesale

Power Si Original is highly recommended, reviewed, and anticipated by growers in Canada. To access the growth-enhancing properties of Power Si, contact your GreenPlanet sales representative today! For more information on the products and services offered at GreenPlanet contact your local garden supply store, or GreenPlanet Wholesale directly. 

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